Bilateral Huge Ovarian Mature Cystic Teratoma in a Primipara: A Case Report

E. I. Nonye-Enyidah, D. H. John, F. Horsfall, L. B. Lebara, T. N. Tamunokuro, K. Okah, L. D. Ndii

Page: 13-17
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Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy [IMRT] in a Rare Case of Infratemporal Chondrosarcoma with Intracranial Extension in a Young Adolescent Patient

Tasneem Lilamwala, Mohsin Ali, Susheela Kodandapani

Page: 23-28
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Thoracoomphalopagus-the Twins Sharing Heart

Meenakshi Singh, Soni Choudhary, Pikee Saxena, . Rajkiran

Page: 1-6
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Antiepileptic Drug-Induced Skin Rash Revealing a Cross-Reactivity between Antiepileptic Drugs in a Patient with Anticonvulsant Polypharmacy

Z. Zeggwagh, S. Kerroum, N. Ismaili, L. Benzekri, M. Meziane, K. Senouci

Page: 7-12
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Age and Papillary Thyroid Cancer; A Perspective with Case Report

M. S. Syauqi, A. B. Zulkiflee

Page: 18-22
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