Age and Papillary Thyroid Cancer; A Perspective with Case Report

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M. S. Syauqi
A. B. Zulkiflee


Background: Papillary Thyroid Cancer (PTC), is a common encountered head and neck cancers, making the majority of cases among thyroid malignancies.  It is unique since thyroid cancers are the only cancer that include age to predict the prognosis. The usage of age however is debatable albeit being still widely used in various staging systems.

Case Presentation: We report a case of a young 41years gentleman with aggressive features of PTC, presented with worsening progressive breathlessness. Clinically diffuse palpable right anterior neck swelling was noted upon examination.

CT neck showed that the mass arising from right inferior lobe of thyroid gland with regional lymphadenopathy and retrosternal extension. Total thyroidectomy and neck dissections and tracheostomy was performed, complicated with intraoperative iatrogenic injury to the subclavian vessel due to the aggressiveness of the tumour, which was ultimately secured by the assist from vascular surgeon.

Conclusions: Adopting age as a sole factor is not sufficient for preliminary prognosis and outcome for the patients.

Objective: To share our experience in managing a case of an aggressive Papillary Thyroid Cancer in a young 42-year-old patient.

Article Design and Setting: Case Report & Tertiary General Medical Centre.

Papillary, PTC, thyroid, subclavian.

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