Prostate Cancer Presenting as Left Supraclavicular Lymphadenopathy and a Review of the Literature

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Hanzali Jumastapha
Sakina Ghauth


Aims: Patients presenting with a neck mass are commonly seen by the ENT surgeon. They are also usually related to head and neck tumours. However, cervical node involvement from the prostate is rare, especially as an initial presentation of the disease. We report a case of prostate carcinoma presenting with a left supraclavicular lymph node.

Presentation of Case: A 61-year-old gentleman presented to our clinic with a rapidly growing left sided neck mass. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) of the neck mass was interpreted as metastatic carcinoma. It was later revealed by the patient that he had been experiencing lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). PSA was 1331 ng/ml. He was referred to our urology service and was treated as metastatic prostate cancer.

Discussion: Prostate cancer commonly spreads to the regional lymph nodes, pelvic organs, or the axial skeleton. Distant metastases to the cervical nodes are rare and accounts for 0.3-1% of cases.

Conclusion: In male patients presenting with left supraclavicular mass, it is important for the clinician to keep in mind of the possibility of metastases from prostatic malignancy.

Supraclavicular mass, cervical metastases, prostate cancer, prostate malignancy, metastatic prostate cancer.

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