Isolated XIITH Cranial Nerve Palsy Secondary to Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma – A Rare Occurrence

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Manjiri Naik
Rohit Jacob


Isolated XIITH Cranial Nerve Palsy is an uncommon presentation. When it presents in isolation, it can be diagnostically challenging. We report a 43 year old male presenting with Unilateral Hypoglossal Nerve palsy marking the beginning of ongoing metastasis. This case report focusses on the importance of a meticulous approach towards diagnosis and finding the underlying cause.

Hypoglossal nerve, neoplasm, mass.

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Naik, M., & Jacob, R. (2020). Isolated XIITH Cranial Nerve Palsy Secondary to Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma – A Rare Occurrence. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Medicine and Health, 3(1), 9-12. Retrieved from
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