Knowledge and Attitude of Nursing Mothers towards Umbilical Cord Care in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State

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I. E. Udosen
T. Olaoye
Emmanuel Okondu
G. E. Udosen
Dennis Amaechi


Aim: This study assessed the knowledge and attitude of nursing mothers towards umbilical cord care.

Methods: The study was a descriptive and cross sectional in design. 388 respondents were randomly selected using multistage sampling technique. Data was collected using a validated semi-structured questionnaire which was self-administered after a Cronbach-Alpha test was carried out giving a result on 0.713. It was analyzed using the statistical package for social science (SPSS) version 21 to generate descriptive (frequency tables, charts) and inferential statistics (Pearson’s chi-square).

Results: The result gotten from the study showed that the majority of nursing mothers who participated in the study were between ages 20-29 (37.6%) with a mean age of 29.7. majority of the mothers were married 304 (78.4%) with at least one child 181 (46.6%) with infants aged 1 week 301 (77.6%). Most respondents were Efik 202 (52.1%), most being Christians 329 (84.8%). Most mothers received more than 30,000 in income 174 (44.8%). Almost all the respondents 316 (81.4%) heard about umbilical cord care. Majority of the respondents 280 (72.2%) defined umbilical cord care as tying, cutting and cleaning with methylated spirit and cotton bud. However, half 210 (54.1%) of the respondents had not heard of Chlorhexidine digluconate and majority of the respondents 316 (81.4%) did not know it could be used to prevent infection. Virtually all mothers knew that it was important to clean the baby’s cord 386 (99.4%). Mother’s attitude towards care of the umbilical cord was positive with a result of 353 (91%).

Conclusion: The respondents had fair knowledge on cord care, positive attitude and good practice towards umbilical cord care. Poor knowledge can lead to prevalence of cord infection.

Knowledge, attitude, umbilical cord care and nursing mother

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